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Family Law

Newport Beach Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic Violence Attorney in Newport Beach, CA

With issues as serious and potentially devastating as domestic abuse, it is not enough to simply protect a client’s rights in court. It takes a compassionate approach and personal attention to help a client through these complex and emotional matters.

With nearly 50 years of legal experience and thousands of domestic violence cases successfully handled, Sullivan Law & Associates combines compassionate support with zealous advocacy to provide our clients with the best legal representation. To discuss your situation, please give us a call at (949) 590-8100 or contact us online. It is never too early to involve an experienced domestic violence attorney in Newport Beach for helpful guidance.

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False Allegations In Domestic Violence Cases

Our team of domestic abuse attorneys in Newport Beach is well aware that false allegations of domestic violence are sometimes made with the sole intention of damaging the reputation and character of the opposing party. These occurrences are unfortunately common in divorce proceedings, child custody cases, and other complex family law matters that involve intense conflicts and intricate circumstances.

At Sullivan Law & Associates, we vehemently oppose any manipulation of the legal system through deceitful means, and we are fully prepared to defend individuals who are wrongfully accused under such circumstances. We offer consultations to those who have experienced domestic violence or have been falsely accused of domestic abuse.

Understanding Domestic Violence And Abuse Cases In California

Our family law firm in Orange County, California specializes in handling a wide range of domestic abuse allegations with a personalized approach to meet our clients’ unique needs. It is crucial to understand that while assault, battery, threats, and intimidation are all illegal and prosecuted accordingly, they are treated with even greater gravity when the alleged victim is a spouse, cohabitant, dating partner, or parent of the offender’s child.

These complex circumstances have a profound impact on the lives of all involved parties. We recognize the physical and emotional toll it takes on our clients, and we are committed to seeking justice through the legal process. Our goal is to empower each individual we represent, allowing them to move forward with positivity and self-respect.

Please note that domestic abuse circumstances can encompass various situations, not limited to the following examples:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Financial Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Social Abuse
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Threatening Behavior
  • Unwanted Communication

A Steadfast Approach To Countering Domestic Violence in California

Regardless of how it is defined, domestic abuse remains a grave concern. Every day, men, women, and children endure the terror and intimidation tactics of domestic violence perpetrators. Our law firm comprises experienced domestic abuse attorneys who are dedicated to finding solutions that enable you to move forward in life free from abuse.

While domestic violence is a widespread issue, each case is unique. If you have been harmed or are facing threats, our domestic violence attorney is ready to assist you in your healing journey by holding the responsible party accountable for their actions. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of your entire family by offering one crucial element that every victim of domestic abuse deserves: a dependable family law firm they can rely on.

When you come to Sullivan Law & Associates for help with a domestic violence situation, we will listen carefully and take your concerns to heart.

We understand the severity of the situation for all parties involved and will represent you and your best interests in and out of the courtroom. Whether you are the victim of domestic abuse or accused of this action, our attorneys will effectively fight for your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Domestic Violence In The Context Of Family Law?

In the realm of family law, domestic violence refers to the occurrence of abuse or the use of threatening behavior between individuals who share an intimate relationship or are connected by blood ties. This abuse can manifest in various ways, including physical, emotional, and psychological forms.

Additionally, it can be sexual and may result from either intentional or reckless actions aimed at causing harm. The scope of domestic violence encompasses a wide range of actions, such as restricting freedom of access, throwing objects, kicking, hitting, shoving, or pulling hair. Family law courts possess the authority to issue restraining orders to prevent and address such behaviors, along with other related misconduct.

Can A Domestic Violence Action Be Filed Before Or During A Divorce Action?

Actions related to domestic violence can be brought forth in the family law court of Orange County. These actions can have repercussions on various aspects of a case, such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and attorney fees. It is important to note that domestic violence is not limited to physical harm alone. In family courts, the threshold for establishing domestic violence is comparatively lower than in criminal courts.

Can Victims File a Domestic Abuse Civil Lawsuit in California?

Our skilled domestic abuse attorney in Newport Beach must establish specific elements outlined in California Civil Code section 1708.6 to pursue a successful lawsuit. These essential components consist of the following requirements.

  • The victim must have suffered an injury or harm
  • The conduct was intentional
  • The abuse was the legal cause of the injury

When filing your civil claim, our legal team will ensure compliance with the statute of limitations. It is crucial to file the lawsuit within three years of the last act of abuse. It’s important to note that the statute only begins after the abuse has ceased. Additionally, victims have the right to seek compensation for the cumulative abuse endured throughout the course of the relationship.

Abuse extends beyond physical harm. In California, the definition of abuse is broad, encompassing various behaviors that may be considered abusive in both civil and criminal cases. Below, we have listed some common actions that can result in harm.

  • Physical attacks such as punching, kicking, choking, throwing
  • Any unwanted physical or sexual contact, rape, or molestation
  • Threatening to cause physical harm or intimidating a victim through fear or coercion
  • Stealing or destroying the victim’s personal property
  • Stalking or harassing through physical methods, telephone calls, mail, or online

What if it is My Child Who is the Victim of Domestic Violence?

Tragically, children often fall victim to domestic violence and lack the legal capacity to defend themselves. If a minor child is the victim, a parent can file for a restraining order on their behalf to keep the abuser away. 

Furthermore, a parent can seek full physical and legal custody of the child to ensure they are not required to spend time with their abuser. In cases of domestic violence, whether the victim is a child or an adult, it is crucial to have knowledgeable legal representation and a strong support system in place. For more information, contact Sullivan Law & Associates right away.

Contact Our Newport Beach Domestic Violence Lawyers Now

We represent clients across Orange County who have been victims of domestic violence, and also those who have been accused of domestic abuse. As seasoned domestic violence attorneys in Newport Beach, we understand how the family courts address allegations of this kind and how to best navigate the legal complexities that follow.

We also understand the ramifications that such allegations can have and work diligently to protect our clients. If you are the victim of domestic violence, it’s important you contact our firm ASAP. Not only will we help you take immediate measures to ensure your safety and the safety of your family members, but we will also aggressively defend your best interests in the courtroom.

Likewise, if you are accused of domestic violence, our attorneys will help you establish a strong plan of defense. We will aggressively advocate for your rights and do everything we can to represent your side of the case in the courtroom.