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Family Law
Family Law

Newport Beach Divorce Lawyers

Family Law Firm Helping Residents in Orange County, CA, Navigate Their Divorce

The divorce process in Orange County, CA, has the potential to be complex and lengthy. You may feel overwhelmed, over-stressed, and/or lack time for legal work.

Let our experienced team of divorce attorneys in Newport Beach fight for the most favorable outcome. With decades of study and practice, our team can confidently and effectively guide you through this process.

Our family lawyers have represented thousands of clients over Newport Beach and have dealt with every divorce-related issue from contested high net worth cases to amicable uncontested cases. Contact Sullivan Law & Associates today at (949) 590-8100 to schedule your consultation.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Divorce?

While it is possible to file for divorce on your own, it is highly recommended that you consult with a family law attorney before doing so.

The law is complex, especially in the realm of divorce. Issues such as child custody, child support, property and asset division, and other matters may come into play.

You will need someone to advocate for your best interests, especially if your spouse hires a family law attorney and you are headed for a contested divorce.

There is a common assumption that retaining the services of a divorce attorney means that the case and/or trial will become lengthy, costly, and contentious. This is not the case, especially when hiring a divorce attorney with experience and compassion.

Why Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Reasons to hire our attorney include but are not limited to the following:

  • No need to handle excess contracts, documents, and other paperwork
  • Professional communication that will detail every aspect of your divorce case
  • Assistance if your spouse has potential hidden assets
  • Strategy development that puts your priorities first
  • Recommendations regarding which issues are worth pursuing

These reasons are designed to not only save your time, but also help alleviate stress from this life-changing event. Our family attorneys focus on both the short and long-term effects of your case and will be with you every step of the way.

What are the Grounds for a Divorce in California?

In California, a divorcing couple does not need to prove fault prior to beginning this legal process. This means that either party is not required to provide a specific reason for the divorce. Rather, the document need only state ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason. By doing this, it is understood that both parties can no longer be in the relationship and would like to end it.

The only other requirement to file for divorce in California is a residency that has lasted 6 months or longer. Additionally, the party seeking the divorce must reside in their current county for at least 3 months before filing.

California Divorce Waiting Period

Once a dissolution of marriage is filed and officially served, the receiving spouse is granted 30 days to respond. California has a mandatory six-month waiting period after the official service date before the divorce can be finalized and signed by a judge in CA.

This six-month waiting period is designed to allow enough time to negotiate important details, such as alimony, property division, child custody, and support.

What is Uncontested Vs. Contested Divorce in California?

In California, there are two primary ways people get divorced: contested and uncontested.

A contested divorce is when a couple has a difficult time agreeing on key issues such as child custody and property division. A divorce of this type is usually more costly and lasts longer than an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce occurs when a couple is in agreement on how to handle key issues. This type of divorce is preferred, and it is what our Newport Beach divorce lawyers will help you and your partner work toward.

However, if you are not able to come to a solution, our family lawyers will represent you and your best interests in a courtroom.

What Should Be Avoided While Going Through Divorce in California?

Whether you’re filing contested or uncontested, your case can get heated quickly in the event that your spouse uncovers evidence against you. If you and your spouse are filing for a dissolution of marriage, here are some things to avoid:

  • Extraordinary Spending
  • Hidden Assets
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Restraining Orders

The above items may be used against you in the case of a contested divorce. For more information, read our blog post on What Can Be Used Against Me During a Divorce.

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Negotiating the Terms of Your Divorce

If you choose to work with one of our family law attorneys at Sullivan Law & Associates, you will have the benefit of the knowledge and skill of a world-class attorney in your corner.

Our divorce lawyers serving Newport Beach will not only guide you through this process, but expertly litigate on your behalf. Our lawyers can help you manage the terms of your divorce. These terms commonly include, but are not limited to:

Can You Modify Your Divorce Orders?

Our family lawyers understand that things can change in life. Terms that may have worked at the time of the final judgment may need to be modified later down the line. For this reason, our divorce attorneys in Orange County can help you seek modifications. Common reasons for modification are:

  • A significant increase or decrease in income
  • A relocation to another state or a significant distance away
  • A supported party remarries

Contact Our Newport Beach Divorce Lawyers Now

A divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. It can affect where you live, your finances, how much time you spend with your children, and/or the loss or gain of assets. For these reasons, our divorce lawyers in Newport Beach cover it in our blog, and ready to be the divorce attorney by your side who will aggressively pursue your best interests.

At Sullivan Law & Associates, our team of divorce lawyers serving Newport Beach will do just that while ensuring you are always in the loop.