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Meet The Team
Meet The Team


Our Attorneys

Dedicated to Proactively Protecting Your Best Interests

Our attorneys play a key role in protecting the rights and interests of clients from all walks of life. From wealthy clients to clients of modest means, our attorneys are here to expertly guide them through every nuance of the family court system. We cover spouses seeking a divorce, dividing assets such as property and businesses, parents dealing with custody and visitation disputes, and more. We are dedicated to resolving all aspects of our clients’ cases because we understand that the outcome has the potential to greatly affect their lives.

At Sullivan Law & Associates, our attorneys have a reputation for aggressive and results-driven representation. We are known for using our experience and skills to protect our clients’ interests and save them time, money, and other resources. No matter how ambitious the goal or challenging the obstacle in our path, we work diligently to secure the best possible results for every client we represent.

We know that choosing an attorney is a very personal decision and we want to make sure you have all the necessary information to make the right choice for you. We have included profiles for each of our attorneys to help potential clients learn more about their backgrounds, education, and interests. We welcome you to call our offices at any time to arrange a consultation to go over your specific case and concerns. Are you interested in finding out how our lawyers can help you? Call (949) 590-8100 today for your consultation.

Meet the Attorneys

Richard Sullivan

Founding Partner

Steve Ra

Senior Attorney

Marie Braun

Senior Attorney

Tiffany Bostinelos


David E. Wald

Of Counsel Attorney
Dominic J. Hattouni

Dominic J. Hattouni

Associate Attorney