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Family Law
Family Law

Newport Beach Child Custody Lawyers

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers in Newport Beach, CA

At Sullivan Law & Associates, we recognize the sensitive nature of child custody proceedings. However, our team of aggressive and award-winning family attorneys will stop at nothing to secure a favorable custody outcome. Our custody lawyers take the time to understand our client’s needs to deliver the most effective solutions. With nearly 50 years of family law experience and commitment to excellence, our Newport Beach child custody attorneys are fully equipped to handle your custody case.

When you choose Sullivan Law & Associates, you will have a Newport Beach child custody attorney who will fight for you and your family to secure the best possible outcome during complex custody negotiations. Call our Newport Beach child custody lawyers at (949) 590-8100 to schedule your consultation!

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The Child Custody Process in California

When facing a divorce or break-up involving children, the first crucial step is to establish a child custody and visitation schedule. This schedule needs to be approved by a judge to ensure legal enforceability. 

If both parents can reach a mutually agreeable arrangement, they can submit the schedule to the judge without a court hearing. In most cases, the judge will sign off on these submissions. Therefore, it is imperative that the agreement you submit safeguards your present and future interests.

Sullivan Law & Associates specializes in child custody mediation and crafting comprehensive and legally binding child custody agreements. These agreements not only protect your interests but also solidify the terms of the arrangement. You can find more information about child custody agreements here.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the next course of action is for both parties to litigate in court, allowing the judge to make the final decision. Our Newport Beach child custody lawyers have a high success rate in resolving even the most challenging disputes and assisting our clients in reaching fair and practical agreements. However, when negotiation fails, we are fully prepared to vigorously advocate for our client’s interests in court.

Factors When Determining Child Custody

The California courts take various factors into account when determining the custody rights of a minor. These factors encompass a range of considerations that are carefully evaluated to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved, including:

  1. The court’s utmost priority should be the well-being, safety, and welfare of the child.
  2. Whenever possible, it is crucial for the court to ensure that children maintain regular and ongoing contact with both parents following their separation. The court should also encourage parents to share the rights and responsibilities of raising their child, unless it is determined that such contact would not serve the best interests of the child.
  3. Children have the fundamental right to be safe and protected from any form of abuse. The occurrence of child abuse or domestic violence in a household where a child resides is profoundly detrimental to the child’s health, safety, and welfare. The court takes these matters seriously and addresses them with utmost gravity.

When it comes to child custody matters in Orange County, California, you need a highly experienced family law attorney who not only provides sound advice and representation but also understands the intricacies of California laws and family court procedures. 

At Sullivan Law & Associates, our Newport Beach child custody lawyers have successfully represented countless divorce and child custody cases. With our expertise and track record, you can trust our team to navigate the complexities of your case with skill and dedication.

Custody Matters Our Newport Beach Lawyers Assist In


A key issue of divorcing couples with minor children is custody. If the parties cannot agree on terms, our divorce lawyers can get your matter in front of a judge. Sullivan Law & Associates boasts nearly 50 years of experience representing these types of cases. The aggressive nature of our divorce attorneys directly translates to our high success rates for our clients.


Sometimes a custody agreement that worked at the time of case conclusion may not work later down the road. Our custody attorney can help you get your modification case before a judge if the parties cannot agree on the arrangement.


Even though a separating couple is still legally married, many times couples must reach agreements on child custody and visitation.


If the parents of a child are not married at the time of birth, they must legally establish paternity for the father to gain parental legal rights.

Parents’ Rights

Parents have certain legal rights to their children. These include the ability to make important decisions on their behalf and spending time with them.

Grandparents’ Rights

There are a few circumstances in which a grandparent may need to exercise their legal right to a grandchild. We will help you in this endeavor and aggressively advocate for your rights.


Sometimes parents may refuse to honor a child custody order, even when it is legally required. Our custody lawyers will help you get the other parent to participate with the custody agreement.


If you must move a great distance from the other parent, you may need to modify a custody agreement to reflect this move. This can be a difficult task, but our family law lawyers in Newport Beach have garnered many victories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Father Get 50/50 Custody in California?

California child custody laws do not mandate a 50-50 custody time for fathers seeking joint physical custody. However, joint physical custody is generally synonymous with a 50/50 custody program in California. 

Accordingly, joint physical custody is appropriate as each parent has significant time with the children. To secure the best custody agreement, it’s critical to work with an aggressive and experienced child custody attorney in Newport Beach with a strong track record of favorable rulings.

Implementing a 50/50 custody arrangement in California can be challenging for parents and the court system. Concerns include logistical issues like the child’s proximity to both parents’ homes, the child’s age and adaptability to frequent transitions, and potential conflicts between parents. Critics argue that the presumption of joint custody may not adequately consider cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, or parental unfitness.

When seeking 50/50 custody in California it’s critical to work with a fierce family law attorney with an impressive success rate. At Sullivan Law & Associates, we can guide you on relevant laws, court procedures, and legal options. Mediation and alternate dispute resolution can help find a custody agreement that benefits the child while reducing conflict between parents.

What Are The Types of Child Custody?

There are two types of child custody, physical and legal. 

Physical custody refers to who the child lives with. Physical custody can be:

  • Joint Custody: The child resides with both parents, although the time division may not be an exact 50/50 split.
  • Sole or Primary Custody: The child primarily resides with one parent while occasionally visiting the other parent.

Legal custody pertains to the authority to make crucial decisions for your child, encompassing areas such as healthcare, education, and general welfare. It is a responsibility that can be shared or held solely by one parent.

  • Joint: Both parents hold the responsibility of jointly making decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and overall well-being.
  • Sole: One parent is granted the authority to make crucial decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and overall well-being.

Are Child Custody Cases Separate From Divorce?

As part of the divorce process, establishing both legal and physical custody becomes necessary when there are children under 18 involved. However, child custody battles can sometimes become prolonged. In such instances, short-term custody may be granted, allowing for the finalization of the divorce while long-term custody rights are being disputed.

Paternity cases, on the other hand, typically arise when the parents were never married. In these cases, the primary issues revolve around child custody, child support, and sometimes attorney’s fees.

How Long Do Child Custody Cases Take?

The length of a child custody case is influenced by various factors. When both parents are dedicated to the child’s best interest and open to compromise, the case concludes swiftly. However, if parents cannot reach an agreement and require court intervention or the involvement of mental health professionals, the process can be significantly prolonged.

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Our child custody attorneys represent clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas in California. Sullivan Law & Associates will passionately advocate for you and help ensure your child’s best interests are the top priority. If you’re facing a custody battle, do not delay. Contact our trusted child custody lawyers in Newport Beach at (949) 590-8100 to schedule your consultation!