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Family Law
Family Law

Newport Beach Fathers' Rights Lawyers

Experienced Fathers’ Rights Lawyers In Newport Beach, California

Ensuring fathers’ rights is a top priority at Sullivan Law & Associates. Our Newport Beach fathers’ rights lawyers uphold the importance of both parents in a child’s upbringing. At our family law firm, our attorneys examine the full spectrum of father-child relationships. Whether it involves establishing paternity, navigating divorce, or addressing custody matters and parenting plans, we champion fathers’ rights. We firmly believe that a father’s active role in their children’s lives is crucial for the success of all parties involved.

Fathers in California facing custody challenges with mothers, who often have primary custody, should know that fathers’ rights are crucial to actively engaging in their child’s life. It’s important for each father to secure the time needed to be the role model they aspire to be. Fathers play a significant role in their children’s achievements. At Sullivan Law & Associates, we’re here to help you navigate fathers’ rights in Los Angeles. Contact our office today at 949-590-8100 to schedule a consultation.

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Understanding Your Rights As A Father In California

Our Newport Beach fathers’ rights attorneys understand the crucial role dads play in their children’s lives. Despite a divorce, fathers remain vital figures that should not be diminished. It’s your right to cherish moments with your kids. If faced with resistance from your ex, impeding your rights as a father, we’re here to assist in reclaiming your parental role. We will clarify and uphold your fathers’ rights in California, ensuring you maintain your entitlements, including:

  • Child custody, visitation, travel, and parenting plans.
  • Share vacations, holidays, and school break blocks of time.
  • Daily decisions regarding their upbringing, childcare, healthcare, religion, and other important life-changing factors.
  • Relocation decisions, including your ability to move with the children, or oppose an out-of-state move by the other parent.
  • Blocking adoptions by another party, including those in subsequent marriages.

Our fathers’ rights lawyers in Newport Beach prioritize ensuring our clients comprehend they possess equal rights to their children, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. These rights should be upheld, pursued, and enforced without bias in California. Sullivan Law & Associates advocates for all fathers, including those who have children through surrogate births, adoptions, or fostering that led to permanent placement in their homes.

Fathers’ Rights & Child Support Requirements In California

Both parents have a shared responsibility to care for their children. When parents separate, this responsibility can become more complex. Following the determination of child custody, decisions regarding child support will be made. Fathers may be required to provide child support if they have visitation rights and are not the primary custodial parent. Child support calculations must be fair. Fathers also have the right to request adjustments to child support obligations if there is a significant change in their circumstances that affects their financial capability.

On the other hand, fathers may also be entitled to receive child support payments if they are the custodial parent. In such cases, fathers receiving child support have the option to seek changes to child custody arrangements if there are notable alterations in the child’s needs. Similarly, child support arrangements can be revised if a father suspects that the other parent has not provided all necessary financial information.

Our team of father’s rights attorneys in Newport Beach is dedicated to assisting you in securing equitable support for your children and modifying orders as required. We can also guide you through the process of filing a legal motion to compel the child’s other parent to fulfill their payment obligations if they are in arrears or are unwilling to make payments.

Common Mistakes Fathers Make In Divorce Proceedings

Divorce can be a taxing and emotional period for everyone affected, and fathers frequently face tough situations during the process. To achieve the most favorable outcome, let’s highlight some prevalent mistakes fathers tend to make in divorce proceedings:

  1. Not Seeking Legal Advice: Fathers may hesitate to seek legal advice during this process, yet it’s crucial for grasping the intricacies of your present circumstances.
  2. Not Being Prepared Financially: Fathers must assess their financial situation before filing for divorce or beginning mediation with their spouses. Understanding your assets and debts will help ensure that you receive a fair outcome in court.
  3. Ignoring Emotions: During the legal process, fathers may experience a whirlwind of emotions like anger, sadness, or guilt. It’s crucial to maintain composure and confront these feelings to reach a just outcome.
  4. Not Considering Your Child’s Needs: In divorces with children, it’s common to focus on parental conflicts and overlook the kids’ well-being. Remember, prioritize your child’s needs above all during the entire process.
  5. Refusing To Negotiate & Compromise: Flexibility plays a crucial role in divorce proceedings, requiring both parties to engage in negotiation and compromise to find a mutually acceptable resolution. It is advisable for fathers to refrain from rigidly adhering to their initial demands, as this may escalate conflicts unnecessarily.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Father Have Any Special Rights During A Divorce?

It is crucial to understand that a parent’s duties, commitments, and entitlements remain unchanged even if one partner initiates a divorce. In reality, unless specified by a court, everything stays the same until the divorce is officially completed. Therefore, throughout the divorce proceedings, parents, including the father, retain the following rights:

  • Being actively involved in their child’s life and spending quality time with them
  • Accessing the child’s medical records
  • Accessing the child’s school records
  • Making decisions regarding their child’s healthcare and providers
  • Sharing equal decision-making power in determining the child’s activities
  • Enforcing discipline when necessary
  • Offering financial support for their child

Once the divorce is completed, the child custody agreement and child support orders’ terms become legally enforceable. At that point, the rights of both parents could be altered.d.

Does Paternity Matter In Fathers’ Rights And Custody Cases?

Yes. It is crucial to have paternity clearly established before asserting your rights as a father. In California, there are several methods to determine paternity:

In cases involving paternity disputes, the opposing party often raises this issue as a primary line of defense. Family law courts in California must order genetic testing upon request from either party.

What Are The Advantages of Establishing Paternity In California?

If you have a child but were never married to their mother, establishing paternity is crucial before the court can address custody, visitation, or child support. Should the child’s mother agree to sign the Declaration of Paternity, you can move forward accordingly. Conversely, if the child’s mother is preventing your involvement in your child’s life or is unwilling to acknowledge your paternity formally, seeking a court-ordered DNA test may be necessary to pursue custody or visitation rights.

Consult Our Newport Beach Fathers’ Rights Lawyers Now

If you’re navigating a custody battle with your spouse, rest assured that our Newport Beach family lawyers offer comprehensive legal guidance on fathers’ rights. With extensive experience in divorce and family law matters in California, we’re equipped to handle any issue. Contact Sullivan Law & Associates today to schedule your consultation and to learn more about how we can help.