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Is Legal Separation Right for Me?

It can be difficult to decide when the right time is to get out of an unhappy marriage. How you leave your spouse can have huge implications for things like child custodyalimony payments, and visitation rights. Legal separation is one option you can use if you are still unsure that you want to pursue divorce. However, legally separating from a spouse is much different than your average breakup, which is why it is vital to make sure you are ready to take this major step. In this blog, we talk about six things that indicate it is time to seek legal separation from your spouse.

My Partner Doesn’t Contribute to Our Marriage

If your spouse exhibits any of the flowing behaviors listed below, you should seriously consider if it is time to legally separate from them:

  • Doesn’t acknowledge you when you are with them
  • Is no longer affectionate towards you
  • Frequently doesn’t come home
  • Travels without letting you know
  • No longer makes time for you

Separating Would Give Me Better Opportunities

If you feel like your spouse is holding you back from your full potential, and that your life would greatly improve by leaving them, then legal separation might be right for you.

My Kids Are the Only Thing Keeping Me Around

For many people, how their children might be affected by separation often leads them to remain in unhappy marriages. However, if this is the only reason you want to stick around, your kids might be better off learning how to cope with reality of your marital difficulties. It is unfair to the children when they are forced to continue living with parents who are unable to get along amicably. Molding for your children is important. By showing your children a bad model is not in their best interest.

My Partner Is a Narcissist

Does your spouse show an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves? If so, you might be married to a narcissist. Having to spend your whole life with someone who has this type of personality can be very stressful. What’s worse, narcissistic tendencies tend to get worse as the person grows older. People who are narcissists often cheat on their spouses or steal their income without remorse. If you know that your partner’s narcissism is causing stress in your marriage, you should separate from them before their selfish actions cause irreparable harm.

My Partner Abuses Me

You should never have to endure physical or emotional abuse from your spouse. If your spouse is abusing you, it’s time to legally separate from them and move on to the next stage of your life.

I Don’t Trust My Spouse

When one spouse cheats on the other, the trust that existed between them is shattered. Most marriages are unable to recover when the partners distrust each other. Because no one wants to live in a state of constant tension, you should consider leaving if you feel you can’t fully trust your spouse.

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