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What Are the Legal Benefits of Establishing Paternity?

When you hear the word “paternity,” you may think of several things. Maybe you think of the act of being a parent. Perhaps you conjure up images of daytime television, and people jumping up and down on couches and protesting that they are or are not “the father.” However, when it comes to the law, establishing paternity is about far more than causing drama and setting up shocking reveals. In fact, paternity cases can have important legal ramifications, especially for couples entering into a divorce.

Paternity is typically defined from a legal standpoint as the biological state of being a father. In family law, establishing paternity can help fathers gain valuable time with their children, and help mothers secure the support they need for single parenthood. Challenging unfounded paternity claims is very important, so you do not end up saddled with financial and emotional responsibility you will have to carry for the rest of your life. Conversely, proving legitimate paternity claims is just as essential your children’s lives and futures are not negatively impacted by the absence of one parent.

With the assistance of a skilled attorney, paternity claims may be used to establish:

  • Child Support: In cases where a father refuses to recognize a child as their own, paternity can force a father to provide the necessary support to a child’s mother or guardian that they are entitled to receive.
  • Visitation: Visitation is basically parenting time. It is awarded in cases where one parent has primary custody of a child, but the non-custodial parent still wishes to be a part of the child’s life. In cases where a mother claims that a child is not the biological offspring of her ex-husband, that husband may want to establish paternity, so he can prove that the child does biologically belong to him. This will entitle the father to seek court-appointed visitation.
  • Custody: In other cases, a father may want to seek joint or sole custody of a child. However, if that father’s ex-wife refutes his claims of paternity, he will want to legally establish that he is the father’s child in a court of law. This will entitle the father to seek the custody they desire and help them play a more active role in their child’s life.

Fight for Your Rights as a Parent, Hire a Lawyer Today

From child support, to visitation, to custody, there’s not much that paternity can’t impact in relation to children in the wake of a divorce. If you are entering into or planning on entering into a divorce and need to secure the support of a lawyer, call the experienced Irvine paternity attorneys at Sullivan Law & Associates today. We have a proven track record when it comes to paternity and other family law matters, and promise to never stop advocating on behalf of what’s best for you and your child.

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