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5 Warning Signs of Divorce

Determining the early warning signs of an impending divorce is not easy as it takes a significant sense of insight and perspective. Many people cannot get themselves to accept a new reality which is why they choose to stay in an unhealthy marriage instead of journeying into singlehood. Some marriages end in a shocking or unexpected conclusion, catching one or both parties off guard. However, most divorces can be predicted if people are honest enough with themselves to internally analyze the nature of their relationship. While this is emotionally trying to do, it is absolutely vital.

If you notice any of the following in your relationship, consider whether it is time to let go:

  • Lifestyle differences – Sometimes, you don’t truly understand a person until you are expected to share every aspect of your lives. For example, if your spouse decides they don’t want to have children despite getting married upon the agreement of having a family one day, this is a major sign of dissent in the marriage. It is not something many couples can overcome.
  • Arguments are the norm – If you cannot talk to each other without throwing out insults or raising your voices, this is a clear sign of an underlying issue. Conversely, some people see a lack of arguments as a negative sign because it indicates neither person sees anything worth fighting for anymore.
  • Intimacy has shut down – If you cannot remember the last time you actually enjoyed one-on-one time with your spouse, this is a major indicator your intimacy has fizzled. Both people need to feel emotionally and physically cared for by spending time together, going on dates, and rekindling your feelings of affection.
  • Everyone can tell – Are you the couple who everyone can’t stand to be around? Do people feel awkward or uncomfortable when you start to bicker in public? Your marriage should never drive people away and if it does, this is a major red flag.
  • You feel unloved – It may be time to reexamine whether you are getting what you deserve. Save yourself the pain and effort of convincing someone to love you the way you want to be loved. There is a better future waiting ahead, married or not.

Compassionate Irvine Family Lawyers Who Will Advocate For You

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