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How to Deal with a Disneyland Co-Parent

When spouses with children get divorced, it is not uncommon for one to become a “Disneyland” parent. A Disneyland parent is essentially an overindulgent parent who focuses on having fun with the children and showering them with lavish gifts. Your children might not have a set bedtime with your Disneyland co-parent or the rules might be substantially more lax in that household.

If your co-parent is the so-called fun parent, you might feel burdened with more responsibilities and you probably even think the bond you have with your children is threatened by this imbalanced dynamic. We compiled some tips that will help you navigate this situation.

Tips for Dealing with Your Disneyland Co-Parent

Dealing with a Disneyland co-parent can be frustrating and infuriating and, if it gets to the point where your co-parent is disobeying the custody order or otherwise interfering with your relationship with the children, you should seek legal assistance.

Additionally, here are some tips that can help:

  1. If you treat this situation like a competition, you will not win: Your initial reaction to your Disneyland co-parent might be to one-up him or her, but turning this into a competition will only harm your children, which means everyone will lose. You will not build a stronger connection with your children by buying more gifts or taking them on fun excursions. Your children will sense the competitive nature of your actions and it will ultimately make them feel unsafe. They will also likely feel even more disconnected from you, which is the opposite of what you are seeking to achieve.
  2. Concentrate on the relationship you have with your children: Instead of fixating on the relationship your co-parent has with your children, focus on your relationship with them. You have no power over what your co-parent does, so devoting your attention to his or her actions will only distract you from what is really important.
  3. Be confident in your abilities as a parent: Do not let the knowledge of your co-parent’s antics shake up the confidence you have in your parenting style. Remember that your relationship with your children built on more than gifts or vacations. Once you stop worrying about trying to win the affection of your children, you will be able to focus on what counts – nurturing a strong connection with them.
  4. Pay attention and be present when you are with your kids: When you are with your children, be present. Set aside your phone when you are with them and make sure they feel seen and heard. Nothing can compare to letting your children know they are important to you.

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