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Is It Okay to Date During a Divorce?

You and your spouse are on the path toward dissolving your marriage and have already filed for divorce, so it might feel like now is the perfect time to get back on the horse and hit the dating scene once more. However, the fact is that you are still married and nothing has been finalized, so dating could potentially impact what is often an already emotional and delicate process. A lot is at stake during a divorce, including alimony, child custody, and property, so why risk it all when you could simply exercise a bit of patience before embarking on this new chapter in your life.

Below is a list of reasons why dating during a divorce is generally a bad idea:

  • It can negatively impact your ability to settle your case: Whatever the reason happens to be for your divorce, the situation can become so much worse and more hostile once your spouse finds out that you are dating again, even if you do not have a new and steady partner. The resulting anger and hostility can make it all the more difficult for your divorce to go amicably, making it harder for you to obtain the results you desire.
  • It can have a major impact on your ability to receive spousal support: You are still legally married until your divorce is finalized, so if you end up cohabiting with your new partner, you could lose your chances of receiving spousal support or have the amount you would have received reduced. The fact is that you are on the rebound right now and the chances of this new partner being the one are not that high, so do not risk your chances of obtaining support for a relationship that might not even last.
  • It can have an effect on property distribution: The money you receive as spousal support is usually taxable income. On the other hand, what you receive in a property settlement is not. Therefore, you might want to give up some of your spousal support in exchange for a bigger property settlement. Unfortunately, if you have someone new in your life, your spouse will probably be less inclined to give you more marital property in change for little to no spousal support. If your spouse pays you support over time instead of giving you extra property, you can ultimately end up with less if you eventually move in with your new partner soon after the divorce since this is generally a valid reason to eliminate spousal support.
  • It can affect your co-parenting relationship: If you and your spouse share children, this complicates matters even further. Your spouse might feel like he or she is being replaced by a new partner and worry that the new partner might even be influencing the children and interfering with how they are being raised. All of these fears and concerns will not make it easy for the two of you to work out a visitation schedule since your spouse will likely be stubborn when it comes to giving up any time with the kids.
  • It can have an effect on your children: Speaking of which – dating can also have a negative impact on your children. You are going to have your hands full with the divorce and trying to help your children cope with it, so when you throw a new partner into the mix, this makes an already tough situation all the more difficult to maneuver. Give your children a chance to adjust to this new situation before you introduce them to someone new. Additionally, a new partner, no matter how casual it is, will take up some of the precious time you need to spend time with your children and help them through this difficult time.
  • It will distract you from dealing with your own emotional issues: Beginning a new relationship might seem like just what you need right now, but the problem is that it will only distract you from your pain and from actually examining what went wrong. If you really want a new, lasting relationship, you will need to face your problems first and figure out how you might have contributed to the end of your marriage, so you can learn from it and avoid repeating them. It can be so tempting to escape from your pain in a new relationship, but it is important that you take care of yourself first, so you can truly have the best new start in life.

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