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Telling Your Boss About Your Divorce


Going through a divorce is not an easy experience and, while it is certainly wise to keep your professional life and personal life separate, you will have to tell your boss about your divorce, especially given that you will likely have to take some time off from work to attend court appointments or mediation sessions. Of course, there is a way to broach this topic of discussion while maintaining a sense of professionalism.

Below is a list of some tips that will help you tell your boss about your divorce:

  • Try not to get overly confessional: Sure, divorce is a very personal topic of discussion, but this does not mean your conversation with your boss needs to get confessional. In fact, it would be best if you left all the details about your divorce out of this talk. Why your marriage failed has nothing to do with your professional life, so make sure you focus this conversation on how the divorce might potentially impact your duties and responsibilities. Shifting this conversation to have a more professional focus rather than a personal one will not only help you, but your boss.
  • Tell your boss what lies ahead: Take this conversation as an opportunity to provide as much information as possible regarding your divorce and how it will impact your job responsibilities. If you already have a list of appointments you are already aware of, pass this information along to your boss. If you believe you will need some extra time or understanding as you go through this difficult time, express this. Being honest about what your needs will be can help your boss know exactly what to expect from you during this difficult time.
  • Never try to use your divorce as a reason for why you are not delivering: Divorce is rarely an easy experience for anyone, but the fact is that life goes on and your work must still be done. Your boss will be able to offer his or her support and understanding, but you need to continue to perform your job duties to the best of your abilities. You cannot hide behind your divorce whenever you fail to do the work that was asked of you.
  • Go to your human resources department to update paperwork: Divorce is not only an emotional experience, but it is also one that involves a vast amount of paperwork. Go to the human resources department and ask what information needs to be updated. This will likely include health care and tax information.

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